2013 Festival Schedule

Friday, September 27th

Club Passim Stage

Eva Walsh  7:00pm
Roy Sludge 8:00pm
Susan Cattaneo 8:50pm
Chasing Blue  9:40pm
Dennis Brennan  10:30pm
Jimmy Ryan & Hayride 11:20pm

Tommy Doyle’s Stage

Jay DiBiasio & Friends 7:50pm

Sam Reid & The Riot Act 8:40pm
Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers 9:30pm
The Mallett Brothers 10:20pm
Coyote Kolb 11:10pm

Saturday, September 28th


Winthrop Park Stage
Fiddlin Quinn & His Big Folks Band  2:00pm
Bean Pickers Union  3:00pm
North of Nashville 4:00pm
Casey Abrams 5:00pm
Brian McKenzie 6:00pm

Brattle Plaza Stage
Nate Leavitt 1:10pm
Jenee Halstead 2:10pm
Sean Morceau 3:10pm
Waiting for Neil 4:10pm
Cold Chocolate 5:10pm 

Goorin Bros. Stage
Evan Gavry 2:00pm

Sonny Jim Clifford 3:45pm


Tommy Doyle’s Stage
Black Marmot 7:00pm
Cask Mouse 7:50pm
Comanchero 8:40pm
Old Jack 9:30pm
Tallahassee 10:20pm
Rick Berlin & The Nickel and Dime Band 11:10pm


Sunday, September 29th

Winthrop Park Stage
Brandon Mastrangelo 2:00pm
David Gallagher 3:00pm
Ian Fitzgerald 4:00pm
Mark Whitaker 5:00pm
Brendan Hogan 6:00pm 

Brattle Plaza Stage
Michelle Lewis 1:10pm
Danielle Miraglia 2:10pm
Sarah Blacker 3:10pm
Tony Savarino & The Savtones 4:10pm
Girls, Guns, & Glory 5:10pm